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セックス 動画 Is it due to cost reduction? Only a male faculty member is accompanied by a companion. For my husband who has prejudice that "there are many people who are not productive and there are many people who are not productive" to teachers who have no problems with couple couple, the business trip between teachers was uncomfortable. Besides her husband, it was supposed to be a fear from the cape that is not interested, but a reticent colleague begins to strike its creepy sexual desire to the cape

新任教師たちの教育研修の下見へ行くことになった女教師の妻。経費削減からなのか同行者は男性教員1人だけ。夫婦仲に問題こそないが教職に対して「生産性がなく陰湿的な奴が多い」と偏見を持つ夫からすれば教師同士の宿泊出張は不快だった。夫以外には興味がない岬からすれば杞憂であったはずだったが、寡黙な同僚はじっとりとその不気味な性欲を岬にぶつけはじめ…。 by Javfinder