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The only son Akira has suffered an injury incident. "Do everything because you do anything, please do not just drop out of your son." Mother who is crying to a homeroom teacher explaining the circumstances. Homeroom teacher asks instead to drop out, to present a ripe body. Moreover, that situation was witnessed by Akira's bad friend Yoshino and a further tragedy comes!

一人息子のアキラが傷害事件を起こしてしまった。「なんでもしますから、息子を退学にだけはしないでください.」事情を説明する担任教師に泣きつく母・ともか。担任教師は退学にしない替わりにともかの熟れたカラダを差しだすよう求める。しかもその様子をアキラの悪友ヨシノに目撃されてしまい更なる悲劇が訪れる! by Javfinder