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セックス The girls' pale and blue love. A WAAP lesbian carefully selected summary that can catch a glimpse of the fascinating world of lily which charm girls are attracted to. I am ashamed of being straight and young. Despite having anxiety and conflict, embrace hugely and embrace each other. And when the innocent lips and lips overlap and the nipple and the nipple rub against each other, the two persons have gone to a completely different world and intertwined with stickiness on the contrary to the appearance. And I thought .... After all, I like you.

少女たちの淡くて青い恋慕…。あどけない少女たちが魅せる瑞々しい百合の世界を垣間見ることができるWAAPレズ厳選総集編。若いからこその真っすぐさや恥じらい。不安や葛藤を抱えながらも一途な想いを巡らせて優しく抱きしめ合う。そして、無垢な唇と唇が重なり合い、乳首と乳首がこすれあうと二人は全く別の世界へイッてしまい、見た目とは裏腹に粘着質に絡み合う。そして思うのだった…。やっぱり、君が好き。 by Javfinder