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エロ Aesthetic treatment esthetic that improves tired eyes. The wives suffering from stiff shoulder stiffness and eye fatigue are visited for healing. Because of the healing esthetics, the neck, shoulders and whole body are massaged with blindfolded condition. Unexpectedly with a wait and a dream ... When noticing it is touched by a male massager near the erogenous zone. The feeling of resistance and backwards to me and my crotch to Nuren ure. In addition, when rubbing Chi Po to the wife in the blindfold state, sucking with sucking cuppupa and sucking from myself.

目元の疲れを改善してくれる眼精治療エステ。肩こりや目の疲れに悩む奥様達が、癒されに訪れます。ヒーリングエステのため、目隠し状態で首筋、肩、全身をマッサージされます。思わずウトウトと夢心地に…気がつくと男性マッサージ師に性感帯の近辺を触られています。抵抗する気持ちとは裏腹にムラムラしてお股がヌレヌレに。さらに目隠し状態の奥様にチ○ポを擦りつけると、自分から咥え込みチュパチュパとしゃぶります。 by Javfinder